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Minecraft Animal Farming: A Complete Guide to Taming and Breeding Animals

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Minecraft animal farming! If you’re a true survivalist, there’s nothing better than having your own personal farm full of animals that provide food, wool, and other resources. However, taming and breeding these creatures can be a little tricky for beginners. Fear not – we’ve got you covered! This comprehensive guide will take you through everything you need to know about raising all kinds of animals in Minecraft. From chickens to cows and everything in between, get ready to become a pro at animal farming!

The Different Types of Animals You Can Farm in Minecraft

There are a variety of animals you can farm in Minecraft, each with their own unique set of characteristics. Browse through the pages on Dirvit.com to get the full rundown on the many animals you may raise in Minecraft.

Cows: Cows are one of the most common animals found on Minecraft farms. They provide milk, which can be used to make cheese and other dairy products. They also drop beef when killed, which is a valuable food source.

Pigs: Pigs are another common animal found on Minecraft farms. They provide pork, which is a valuable food source. Pigs can also be bred to create more piglets.

Sheep: Sheep are a common animal found on Minecraft farms. They provide wool, which can be used for crafting or as bedding for animals. Sheep can also be bred to create more lambs.

Chicken: Chickens are a common animal found on Minecraft farms. They provide eggs, which can be used for cooking or as a food source. Chickens can also be bred to create more chicks.

How to Tame and Breed Animals in Minecraft

Taming and breeding animals in Minecraft is a great way to get more out of the game. Not only can you get additional resources from them, but you can also have some cute and furry (or scaly) friends to keep you company.

The first step to taming and breeding animals is finding them. You can find most animals in the wild, but some, like horses, must be spawned in with a cheat code. Once you’ve found an animal you want to tame, approach it slowly and carefully.

Once you’re close enough, hold down the right mouse button to use your hand icon. This will give you the option to feed the animal its favorite food. If it’s an herbivore, this will be wheat; if it’s a carnivore, this will be meat. Right-click again once the food is in your hand to offer it to the animal.

If the animal is scared or aggressive, it will run away; if it’s tameable, it will start eating the food. Keep offering food until hearts appear above the animal and it makes a noise indicating that it likes you. Now that the animal is tamed, you can move on to breeding.

To breed animals, simply place two of the same type next to each other and offer them their favorite food again. After a few seconds, baby versions of that animal will appear. These babies grow up quickly,

The Benefits of Animal Farming in Minecraft

Animal farming in Minecraft can provide a lot of benefits for the player. With a steady supply of meat, milk, and other resources, players can keep their hunger at bay and also have access to valuable crafting materials. In addition, taming and breeding animals can allow for a pet that will follow the player around, providing some companionship. And finally, many animals can be used as transportation, whether it’s riding a horse or using a donkey to carry chests of goods.

Tips for Farming Animals in Minecraft

Farming animals in Minecraft can be a great way to get food and other items that you need from them. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Choose the right location for your farm. You’ll want to find an area that has plenty of space and is free of predators that could kill your animals.

2. Build pens or fences to keep your animals contained. Make sure the fences are high enough that your animals can’t jump over them.

3. Give your animals food and water. Animals need to eat and drink just like people do, so be sure to give them access to both.

4. Breeding animals is a great way to increase your stock. When two animals mate, they have a baby that is added to your farm.

5. Be patient! Farming takes time and effort, but it’s worth it when you see your farm thriving with healthy animals


Animal farming in Minecraft is a great way to have your own personal pet, or to make some extra money by selling the animals. We hope this guide has helped you understand the basics of animal breeding and taming, as well as how to ensure that your farm will be successful. With dedication and patience, you can create an amazing farm with all types of different animals! So go out there and start building your dream animal farm!

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